Project manager, photographer, broker: I am a European citizen

Project Manager, Photographer and Broker Peloponnese

Hej, hello, cześć, yassou!

“If you like war, be a nationalist. If you like peace, be a citizen of the world.” ― Oliver Markus Malloy

Who I am

I am happy to be born in one of Europe’s most beautiful cities: Warsaw. I am grateful to have lived in safe Sweden. I’m curious about the country I live in now: Greece. In my Polish life I was both a librarian and a clothing designer. In my Swedish life, I was a digital strategist and project manager. In my Greek life I am a real estate agent and photographer. My experience from countries I have lived in before, assignments I have had, people I have met, everything makes me who I am now: a flexible and curious European citizen.

Project manager, photographer and real estate agent

From 2017, I work mostly with photo assignments and real estate services. Either way: I never close the door to interesting assignments / suggestions. If you want to know more about my references, please check my Linkedin profile or Housefinders Peloponnese references. You will find my contact details here. Below are some of my photo jobs.

Landscape, properties, collage and inspiration